Women on the Bridge

To celebrate the 100th annual International Women’s Day Google is hosting events at bridges around the world to support women and their many achievements. Bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Millennium Bridge will host walks across the bridge followed by celebrations. Women of any age and race are welcome to come together as one and show their support for women’s causes.

The social media aspect is what makes these events unique. The Google page for the event has a map with every event, pinpointed. The events range in size from huge Google sponsored events to events run by individuals. The map not only allows you to view the events but also check in either virtually or in person to show your support for the cause. There are chat discussions and women are able to upload pictures and videos of the events afterwards. Many pictures from the events in Europe have already been uploaded and are truly inspiring. Even here in Rhode Island there is an event on the map. Why not check in and show your support for the women of Rhode Island?

Another component of the site is ability to donate virtually to many organizations. Google has rounded up many charities that support women in causes  such as education, empowerment, health and economic security.

Hope to see you on the bridge!