Create. Drive. Inspire.

Last year, I participated in the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) National Student Advertising Competition. Chapters of AAF across the country, compete in teams to create a integrated marketing campaign for a common client.

Our client for 2011/2012 was Nissan. Each team was expected to research and create a campaign that target multicultural millennials. The work was split into 3 stages:

The Research– The entire fall semester was dedicated to finding relevant primary and secondary research. We conducted focus groups, interviews and surveys to find out what multicultural millennials wanted from a car and their thoughts on Nissan. To get to the core of the matter we used a metaphor technique described in Gerald Zaltman’s book Marketing Metaphoria. Through this research we came up with our slogan: Create. Drive. Inspire.

The Plan– We created a campaign with a detailed and targeted IMC strategy. The campaign included a media plan, PR & Promotions initiatives and carefully research reasons as to why this plan would work. I worked on the PR team where we created a PR and promotions strategy that would attract the millenials, while informing them of the many benefits of driving a Nissan.

The Pitch- Lastly, we crafted a pitch and presented it to a panel of judges within our district. Our pitch contained a multimedia presentation that featured video of our research subjects and campaign objectives.

View the completed plans book below:

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