Shake it up: Harlem Shake Style

The internet produces awesome yet  strange trends and this week’s fad is one of my favorites to date. The Harlem Shake (if you don’t know what this is, please click here to be sucked into endless amounts of YouTube amusement)  has been making the rounds on both social and traditional media, yet no one can really figure out what started it. A local PR firms in Boston had a great blog post today that asked the question “Why is this a thing?” (they also performed their own hilarious version!). It made me think about viral videos in a way I never had before. What compels people to create their own version and share? What makes something an internet phenomenon? It’s an interesting question to ponder while you enjoy a few of my favorite versions below:

Even journalists are doing it!

Oreo Wins the Superbowl

I’m not a huge football fan. In fact, I really don’t understand it at all. So when the Superbowl comes around I eat all the deliciously greasy food and shush everyone during the commercial breaks.

Normally, the day after the Superbowl all I want to talk about are my favorite advertisements and maybe the halftime show (side-note: Beyonce killed it!). Today all I want to talk about is Oreo and how they stole the show with their quick thinking and social media savvy.

Only a few short minutes after the power went out Oreo tweeted this gem:

The tweet quickly gathered attention and has now been retweeted over 7,000 times. Oreo managed to reach such a large audience without paying the exorbitant amount for a TV spot. Could social media be as effective as a small scale Superbowl ad? All I know is that Oreo has some fantastic social media strategy, mixed with sarcastic humor and its getting people’s attention.

[EDIT 02/10/13]

Oreo is just on a roll! They even came up with a witty Grammy’s cookie.

Bronx Zoo Cobra

At the beginning of this week the  Bronx Zoo announced that a cobra from their snake exhibit had escaped and were forced to close the exhibit.  They are very confident that the snake is enclosed within the exhibit and will come out of its hiding place in time.

However according to twitter, the snake has more interesting plans for it’s freedom. Shortly after the announcement that a snake was missing a twitter handle @BronxZoosCobra was started. The snake then began chronicling its adventures through NYC using the hashtag #snakeonthetown.

Some of the best tweets so far:

  • I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.
  • Dear @CharlieSheen, know what’s better than tiger’s blood? Cobra venom. #winning#snakeonthetown Also I’m 20 inches long. Just sayin’.
  • Craigslist missed connection? RT @MikeBloomberg President Obama & I toured Museum of Natural History, saw 94ft whale but no @BronxZoosCobra

This snake is a little sassy and its getting the attention of some pretty important people such as Mayor Bloomberg.  The author of these tweets has yet to come forward and is ignoring all media inquiries. Even if this wasn’t the Bronx Zoo’s plan, it has managed to get them a lot of media coverage. While the twitterverse watches the snake’s every move the Bronx Zoo is getting free publicity

I personally can’t wait to see where the sassy snake goes next.

Women on the Bridge

To celebrate the 100th annual International Women’s Day Google is hosting events at bridges around the world to support women and their many achievements. Bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Millennium Bridge will host walks across the bridge followed by celebrations. Women of any age and race are welcome to come together as one and show their support for women’s causes.

The social media aspect is what makes these events unique. The Google page for the event has a map with every event, pinpointed. The events range in size from huge Google sponsored events to events run by individuals. The map not only allows you to view the events but also check in either virtually or in person to show your support for the cause. There are chat discussions and women are able to upload pictures and videos of the events afterwards. Many pictures from the events in Europe have already been uploaded and are truly inspiring. Even here in Rhode Island there is an event on the map. Why not check in and show your support for the women of Rhode Island?

Another component of the site is ability to donate virtually to many organizations. Google has rounded up many charities that support women in causes  such as education, empowerment, health and economic security.

Hope to see you on the bridge!

Aunt Jemima Gives the Details on How Pancakes are Made

Ever wonder how Aunt Jemima pancakes are made and packaged into that yummy breakfast perfection?

Now you can find out through the company’s first ever social media campaign. Aunt Jemima has taken to twitter and facebook to inform its customers how each and every batch of pancakes are made from scratch.

Videos can be found on their facebook page that follow a batch of pancakes from start to visit with commentary from longtime employees of the company. Different videos will air that will show each step of the process from the perspective of a different employee. Tweet updates can be followed on their twitter @LiveFromTheLine, as well.

The company held a contest within its employees to see who would participate in the videos. Including the employees gives the videos a more personal vibe and invites the viewer to feel more included in the process.  The campaign is meant to advance the brand to a younger audience and allow their consumers and insider look.

The campaign will have the added incentives of coupons and promotions attached at the end of the videos. The viewer will be eligible for rewards such as “free breakfast on us!” and ” $1 off two AJ frozen products!”

I think the campaign, while being a little cutesy, will be successful in reminding its consumers that in Aunt Jemima’s kitchen every batch is made from scratch, but also made with love.