Bind & Blowout Cards

The first card was done in InDesign and it was the easiest program to use, in my opinion. I  loved the way that every tool has a button and there was no need to go to the top menu like in Quark. I also had just used InDesign to format an entire book for another class so I was much more familiar with the program. The only problem I ran into with this card was finding the perfect text for the Instyle Logo because every other text was just regular Arial. I ended up downloading a font called “Coolvetica” that matched the InStyle logo almost perfectly.

The second card was done in Quark and I had a lot of difficulties with it. I really don’t like Quark as a program and think its kind of outdated, though I understand why its important we know how to use it. I really don’t like having to go to the top menu bar for all the options. I also had some difficulty matching my fonts in Quark because it would not download the font “Coolvetica” so I had to settle and use “Helvetica” instead which did not look as good. I also had some issues creating the right shapes I needed to create the card right. In the end I managed to make it closely resemble the original, but it required a lot more work than InDesign.

The front of the card was done in PhotoShop and I had no problems. After this course I feel comfortable using PhotoShop and making this card came easy. All of the fonts worked out in PhotoShop and I was able to have the correct dimensions for everything.


When choosing fonts for my brochure I had to take into consideration my audience. The average customer at Sweet is an upper class person living in the Harvard Square, Back Bay area. Therefore I chose fonts that convey a classy feeling that also kept with the theme of Sweet Bakery. For the headings I chose the font Nuptial Script LT std that keeps in theme with the font that Sweet uses on their boxes.  For the content text I used Bodoni Std because it was easy to read but also flowed well with the design of the brochure.

I chose my color scheme based on the color scheme of Sweet Bakery. It could be argued that the brochure may exclude men due to the color scheme but I think it is sweet without being overly feminine.  I placed the bar on the bottom of the page so that the brochure had a seamless feel to it.  I wanted it to read three separate panels but also have continuity. I kept my graphics to a minimum because I wanted the brochure to have a clean simplicity about it.

Some problems that I faced were getting the graphics to come into InDesign correctly. I resized most of my photos before in Photoshop however when they were brought into InDesign some became slightly distorted. When I changed my image to a jpg instead of psd the problem was solved.

I liked InDesign much more than I liked Quark. I prefer the grids that InDesign uses as opposed to Quark because it was much easier to edit the format of my project. Editing was also made more difficult in Quark due to the issue with layers and moving images to the back and front.

When choosing how I wanted to set up my Taylor Swift concert poster I decided to base it upon how she views her music. When she wrote her music for her CD Speak Now she said things she wished she had said to people who had come and gone from her life.  When interviewed she said the songs read like a diary of the last two years for her. That’s why I decided to make the background of the poster be a blank page of a notebook.

The first roadblock that I had was finding a way to get a font that matched the font that Taylor Swift uses on her album covers.  I couldn’t find one on the fonts of the computer but after searching the internet I found the font she uses called Satisfaction and downloaded it onto the computer.

The part of the poster that I am most proud of is the heart because I figured out how to draw with the paint brushes in Photoshop in order to make it.  I had to ask a few people I know and look online but eventually managed to figure it out and include it in my finished design.  If I had more time I would figure out a way to add some lyrics to the background. I tried a few times but it never ended up looking the way I wanted it to.

Animated Postcard

This is my original collage followed by the animated gif.

When I made my animated collage I had hoped to convey the meaning behind my quote. I wanted the viewer to see the image and the words and realize that all they wanted from life was right in front of them and all they had to do was take a risk.

When choosing the images for my collage I wanted to choose ones that conveyed a risk. I included several of the activities that are normally considered adventurous such as skydiving, cliff jumping and mountain climbing. I also put some images of ones we don’t usually group into the risky category but they involve taking a huge chance such as love and having children.

When I animated the words I wanted the collage to be the first thing they saw. Then I had the collage slowly fade into the background afterwards so the viewer is left with the meaning of the words at the end.

I found the animating and timing to be difficult. It took me awhile to be happy with the timing between my words and how the animated postcard ended. It was also difficult to get the collage to work. At first I just had images pasted on the document and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. I eventually realized I needed a background and picked a field with a dusk sky because it was bright and full of life. Once I put that background in it was much easier for me to figure out how I wanted the images to fit and fade and everything just fell into place.

If I had more time I would play with the animations a little bit more and see what I could do to make them more interesting. Maybe find away to make some words stand out more than others with the animation. However, I am very happy with how the finished product turned out.

Font Poem


I chose the quote “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space”because I feel it portrays the best way to get the most out of life. So many of the best things in life like love and achievements come from taking huge risks. It’s better to have tried and failed for these things then to have never tried at all.

When working with the words, I put emphasis on certain ones such as living, edge and space. I chose the font Zapafino for the word living because it conveys a movement and a flow that shows how life is always changing and moving.  I wanted the colors in the word

to be the main colors of earth such as sky, water, dirt and grass. It has a gradient overlay and the satin effect. It didn’t look right until I duplicated the original layer and set it on Color Burn.  It took a long time for me to choose a font for the word edge; at first I wasn’t able to find one I liked.  I finally chose Umbra Std because exhibits a sense of daring and excitement to me. I turned it at an angle to have it form an actual edge around the other words.  Lastly,

Space has two layers. The first layer is just the actual word in a white font and behind it I have the word with an outer glow at 19% opacity. I wanted the outer glow to fade into the background to show that space is infinite.

The hardest part for me was trying to decide the placement for the words in relation to size and readability. I originally had all the words spread out on the background but decided to move them all to the edge. I felt this reinforced the meaning of the quote by drawing the viewer’s eye to the edge of the piece. I kept the background black because I wanted the empty space to seem endless.

The things I’m most proud of are the words living and space. I feel the words display all I want them too. Living is the most visually appealing word and space is very literal in the way it is larger then all the other words.

If I had more time I would most likely work more with the color scheme. There are a few words that I felt could have been tweaked to flow more smoothly with the others.