Royal Baby Real-time Marketing

Real-time marketing has been a much discussed topic in advertising lately. Therefore, it should be no surprised that when the royal baby was born, hundreds of branded congratulation tweets flooded twitter.
Some tweets were good, and others were really bad.

The Good:

“Every baby is a little prince or princess”
In my opinion, the Pampers tweet was the best of the bunch. It didn’t oversell and gets an A+ for engagement by asking followers to share photos of their own ‘prince’ or ‘princess’. It also works because the brand actually markets to an audience that is interested in babies and parenting.

Starbucks’ tweet is fun, playful and tasteful. The only thing that bugs me is the lack of hashtag. Why bother if your tweet isn’t going to enter the conversation?

babyJohnson and Johnson posted this image of a baby with a crown of soap. It’s cute and subtle, while getting the message across. Additionally, the message specifically connects with their audience.

The Bad:


Pizza Hut tweeted a picture of a onesie after the birth was announced. I get it, they deliver pizza, but the pun fell short. It was just awkward and confusing.

I don’t have much to say about this Charmin tweet. Not only is it poorly created, its also crude and lacks class. For a brand that usually pushes the envelope while remaining funny, this tweet just fell flat.

This Play-Doh tweet is just creepy. Also, you’d think that the company would have someone a little more skilled at sculpting on their staff?

I don’t think the real-time marketing trend will end any time soon. Brands are trying to stay relevant and work in this new space. Hopefully brands will recognize that authenticity and originality are all that is needed to connect with their audience.

What do you think of the real-time trend?

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