The Art of the To Do List

I’m a list person. I love all types of lists: shopping lists, bucket lists, top 100 movie lists….
There is one type of list that I hold very dear though: the to-do list.


A typical week for me is filled with classes, projects, meetings, work shifts and time with friends. While I love my life and realize I’ve got it pretty easy, all of these things can get a little difficult to juggle without the proper organization. Google calendar may be a good friend by my to-do list is my BFF.

It has taken me a while, but I have finally got the to-do list down to a science.
How to craft the perfect to-do list:

  • Make it early– As soon as I am dressed and ready for the day, I write down everything that I need to do for the day. If I wait until I get to classes or my internship, I forget the important things or never get around to creating it at all. 
  • Get it all down on paper– My final to do list is usually very neat, color coded, and organized by priority. My first list is not. I write every task I need to do that day from finishing a paper to re-painting my nails. Then I decided what tasks need to be completed for the day, and prioritize the in order of importance.
  • Color coding– Keeping my to-do list color coded helps me know which tasks go with which project. It also helps me know what is time sensitive just from glancing at the list.
  • Stick to it!– You made the list for a reason. It’s easy to get distracted or concentrate on other tasks, but it is important to stick to the list so all the important tasks get completed.

Hopefully this list helps! Happy Listing!

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