How studying abroad can make you a better communications professional

Originally Written for the RWU PRSSA’s monthly newsletter COMMent.

How Studying Abroad Can Make You a Better Communications Professional

Studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime and it ends up teaching you a lot about yourself and the world around. What else can studying abroad teach you other than a few words in different languages and an affinity for foreign beer?  Studying abroad can help students build fundamental skills that will help them become better professionals. Studying abroad can teach you to:

Communicate Effectively-

There were cities I visited, where I didn’t know a single word of the language. Equipped with nothing but our pocket language guides, my friends and I had to find the best way to ask directions. We ended up finding some cool opportunities, all because we took the time to figure out how to communicate with people.

Public Relations is about knowing the best way to reach your target publics. Studying abroad can give you experience in learning to shape your messages and refine your body language to effectively communicate. Plus, language experience on your resume is a huge bonus!

Step outside your comfort zone

Things in a foreign country will be different, that’s half the fun of going abroad! Maybe the people are overly friendly, or you find out it cost 15 euro to sit and drink your coffee like you do at home. At first, these differences may seem nerve wracking, but adapting to the new way of life is part of the process.

Learning to gracefully deal with change and embrace new situations early in life will put you ahead of colleagues. It shows future employers that you are comfortable in new environments and can interact with a diverse set of people.

Be Confident-

Leaving home to live in a foreign country is a huge chance. Its going to be scary, but its also going to be awesome. Sure, you may be terrified of heights, but jumping off that cliff and conquering your fear will be epic.

Life is about choices and what we make of them. Learn to take a chance on yourself.  Studying abroad can leave you with a confidence in your abilities that will impress future employers.

Interested in studying abroad? Visit the Spiegel Center on the 1st floor of GHH to learn more about programs across the globe! They are currently accepting applications for the fall semester.

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