PRSSA Chat Highlights

Originally posted on the RWU PRSSA blog PRofessional Waves on 02/21/13

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Writing is a skill that many struggle with, especially as students. However, good writing skills are crucial to success as a PR professional. Personally, I agree with Hemmingway; writing is a skill that can always be improved.

Last week PRSSA held a #PRSSA chat focused on writing skills. It highlighted several key points about writing for an audience and sticking to style guide outlines.

Blogging Tips-

Many of the tips from professionals and students alike, urged bloggers to make sure their blog writing had personality. Amy Bishop (@AmyL_Bishop), Digital Marketing Manager at Cru Global, stressed the importance of making sure that your writing style reflects the way you want to be perceived. If you are writing a professional blog, make sure that all content is spell-checked and doesn’t have any glaring grammar mistakes. However, your professional blog doesn’t have to be boring! Write about what you love, but do it in a way that shows the reader your skills and strengths.

PRSSA Style Guide-

Did you know there was a PRSSA Style Guide? It is full of tips and tricks for PRSSA chapters to use in their communication with members and national.  It will come in handy when we have to send news releases and RWU communication for Jolly Roger Public Relations.

Want to add to your portfolio by writing for PRSSA’s Progressions blog? First, make sure to check the style guide for special PRSSA punctuation and titles.

In addition to those topics, many insightful comments were shared on the importance of editing and creativity. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks from the chat:

To learn more and participate in the next chat follow @PRSSANational.

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