Mashable recently posted about the use of social media and how it is changing the fashion industry. They shared an awesome infographic that gives all the social media states of NYFW. that  Social media interaction during New York Fashion week doubled this year. Brands and designers are taking the time to interact with their audience on these social platforms. In fact, over 650,000 tweets were posted from brands throughout the week.

How is this changing the fashion industry? I actually asked this question before and I’m fascinated by how much has changed since I wrote that post.  Social media is completely changing the role of the average consumer. Suddenly the everyday consumer can virtually sit in the seat of a fashion editor and fashion opinion leaders can now be the average person with a large twitter reach.Companies who are embracing the new social structure are quickly gaining strong followings of various sites. Specifically, Pinterest was creatively used by designers to preview their brands and to display looks after the runway show. Many brands doubled their Pinterest followers throughout the week.

Its interesting to see how much has changed since the last time I explored this issue and I’m excited to see the future developments of social media in the fashion industry.

Check out Mashable’s infographic below:


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