European Bucket List

For the most part, I try to keep the content on this blog professional, but I have some pretty exciting news to share. I will be spending next semester in Florence, Italy where I will study Italian art and culture. At the end of August my life will become a whirlwind of culture shock and gelato, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve always dreamed of immersing myself in another culture and seeing how people outside of my little New England bubble live. Europe is obviously a big place but there are a few things I want to do while I’m across the pond:

  1. Reenact  this scene from the sound of music.

  2. See the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

  3. Eat. Everything and anything that Europe has to offer. After all when you’re abroad it doesn’t count, right?

  4. Go somewhere that is off the beaten path. Everyone goes to Paris, London and Rome, but I want to try some place really different. Hopefully, I’ll stumble upon something beautiful and unique.

Last but not least, I want to really feel at home in Florence. Too many people spend all their weekends traveling and never get to truly know their host city. I hope to meet many Italians, and improve my understanding of the language.


If you’re interested in my travels abroad,  I will be blogging my journey for my family and friends back home.

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