The Art of the Publicity Stunt

We’ve all seen or heard about the new Time Magazine cover. Its been all over the media with flashy titles and angry debates. An article from the LA Times put it best when they said:

“The magazine is the talk of the nation this morning, dominating the morning talk shows, the radio shows, social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, and that gold standard of relevancy, Google. It’s the No. 1 search term there today.”

I think that my new obsession, 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One, describes my reaction best in this post.  My first gut reaction was that Time Magazine had lost its mind getting itself involved in an already established and heated debate but then I suddenly realized I couldn’t look anywhere without seeing the image. The image of this woman and her son was everywhere I looked. It was then I realized what a successful publicity stunt the whole endeavor was for everyone involved. Attachment parenting is suddenly all over the news and being debated across the country, and Time Magazine is suddenly on everyone’s radar. 


What was the motivation behind the cover? Was it to get press or was it to genuinely start a conversation about attachment parenting?

Unless Time Magazine comes out and says it we’ll never know. However, when asked about the controversial nature of the cover by an ABC reporter a staff writer responded:

“I think that we knew it would be a provocative cover but we’re thrilled that lots of people are responding to it,” Pickert said. “We’re happy to see that we’ve sparked a great conversation.”


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