It’s Over, Barbie!

There seems to be some trouble in paradise for Barbie & Ken. Its unfortunate as the couple just rekindled their relationship last valentines day and appeared to be going strong.  Their breakup is reported to be due to Barbie’s involvement in the deforestation of Indonesia’s rainforests.

Greenpeace, an international global environmental organization, launched a campaign against toy company Mattel’s involvement with Asia Pulp and Paper. Mattel sources fibers for disposable packaging from Asia Pulp and Paper, a company which has been accused of being a large contributer to the deforestation of the rainforests in Indonesia.

The campaign started with guerrilla tactics such as banners on Mattel Headquarters and a protest including Barbie with a pink bulldozer. All of the materials direct the viewer to the campaign’s website and Facebook. The website allows users to learn more about the issue, share the various videos on their social media, and even write a letter to CEO of Mattel. Greenpeace is relying on users to pass the information along and put the pressure on Mattel to cut ties with Asia Pulp and Paper.

Mattel released a statement saying “We have been in communication with Greenpeace on a variety of papersourcing issues. We are surprised and disappointed that they have taken this inflammatory approach”. When discussions with Mattel weren’t yielding results, Greenpeace felt the campaign was the only way to be heard by the corporation. Greenpeace has taken part in many successful campaigns against large corporations such as McDonald’s and their contribution to deforestation in the past. The goal is to diminish business for Asia Pulp and Paper, in hope that they will renounce their claim to much of the Indonesian rain forest.

It remains uncertain if Barbie and Ken will get back together. Mattel has said that they “will continue to assess our paper sourcing and packaging improvements as we move forward”.  However, Greenpeace says it will continue its efforts until Mattel pledges a “zero-deforestation” policy. We can only hope the couple works out their differences and can return to their happy, and hopefully more sustainable, relationship.

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