Bruins Hockey Rules

Bruins Hockey Rules

I grew up in an area obsessed with hockey. Almost every man I know has played hockey at one point in their life. Heck, I even figure skated in hand-me-down hockey skates. Despite all that, I’m not the biggest hockey fan. I just don’t get it.

However, I do recognize a creative and hilarious advertising campaign when I see one. If you’re in the Boston area and watch CSN or NESN you’ve seen the “Bruins Hockey Rules” advertisements. This campaign was created  by the Boston branch of Mullen.  What’s great about the ads is that they mention things that everyone is thinking, such as “Never tuck in your Bruins jersey” or my personal favorite, “Never date within the division.”  Not only are the advertisements hilarious, but the viewers connect with them on a personal level. Fans have created their own versions to hold up at games and #bruinshockeyrules has trended on twitter throughout the season. Both the print and video ads have had people around the city talking and gotten fans excited for upcoming games.

With the playoffs just a few days away, lets hope these advertisements continue to cheer the team on to the Cup. I may not like hockey, but I always cheer for a Boston win!

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