Bronx Zoo Cobra

At the beginning of this week the  Bronx Zoo announced that a cobra from their snake exhibit had escaped and were forced to close the exhibit.  They are very confident that the snake is enclosed within the exhibit and will come out of its hiding place in time.

However according to twitter, the snake has more interesting plans for it’s freedom. Shortly after the announcement that a snake was missing a twitter handle @BronxZoosCobra was started. The snake then began chronicling its adventures through NYC using the hashtag #snakeonthetown.

Some of the best tweets so far:

  • I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.
  • Dear @CharlieSheen, know what’s better than tiger’s blood? Cobra venom. #winning#snakeonthetown Also I’m 20 inches long. Just sayin’.
  • Craigslist missed connection? RT @MikeBloomberg President Obama & I toured Museum of Natural History, saw 94ft whale but no @BronxZoosCobra

This snake is a little sassy and its getting the attention of some pretty important people such as Mayor Bloomberg.  The author of these tweets has yet to come forward and is ignoring all media inquiries. Even if this wasn’t the Bronx Zoo’s plan, it has managed to get them a lot of media coverage. While the twitterverse watches the snake’s every move the Bronx Zoo is getting free publicity

I personally can’t wait to see where the sassy snake goes next.

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