Aunt Jemima Gives the Details on How Pancakes are Made

Ever wonder how Aunt Jemima pancakes are made and packaged into that yummy breakfast perfection?

Now you can find out through the company’s first ever social media campaign. Aunt Jemima has taken to twitter and facebook to inform its customers how each and every batch of pancakes are made from scratch.

Videos can be found on their facebook page that follow a batch of pancakes from start to visit with commentary from longtime employees of the company. Different videos will air that will show each step of the process from the perspective of a different employee. Tweet updates can be followed on their twitter @LiveFromTheLine, as well.

The company held a contest within its employees to see who would participate in the videos. Including the employees gives the videos a more personal vibe and invites the viewer to feel more included in the process.  The campaign is meant to advance the brand to a younger audience and allow their consumers and insider look.

The campaign will have the added incentives of coupons and promotions attached at the end of the videos. The viewer will be eligible for rewards such as “free breakfast on us!” and ” $1 off two AJ frozen products!”

I think the campaign, while being a little cutesy, will be successful in reminding its consumers that in Aunt Jemima’s kitchen every batch is made from scratch, but also made with love.

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