Strike a Pose

Happy Fashion Week!

I’ll admit to being a fashionista. Personally, I think the term gets a bad rep. There is nothing wrong with liking beautiful things. Fashion is an art I always wished I had the talent to create. Since I do not, I look forward to when I can wistfully watch the creations on the runway during fashion week.

Watching the shows has become a ritual of sorts for me. I have the ones I cannot miss, and the ones that if I’m not busy I will tune into. However, this year many more shows are available to watch live. In the past those not invited to shows would have to wait for videos and photos to be posted from their favorite designer’s shows. Fashion week used to be geared solely to editors and designers. However, recently designers have begun to live stream their shows in order to reach their supporters who can’t make it to fashion week. The footage can be found all over the internet, sometimes though social media, allowing the average customer to get an insiders view. The videos have allowed for conversation and chat rooms to spring up, creating an online presence.

This played a critical role in the rising position that bloggers seem to have over the fashion industry. Now that the average fashion blogger is viewing the same show as an editor, the blogger is able to bring a more personal touch to the event. Fashion bloggers have even gone as far as designing their own collections for stores or writing columns for well known fashion magazines.  Its gives more power to the consumer, which is giving way to huge changes in the fashion industry.

I love being able to feel more involved in the process, and can’t wait to see what surprises are in store.

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