Bind & Blowout Cards

The first card was done in InDesign and it was the easiest program to use, in my opinion. I  loved the way that every tool has a button and there was no need to go to the top menu like in Quark. I also had just used InDesign to format an entire book for another class so I was much more familiar with the program. The only problem I ran into with this card was finding the perfect text for the Instyle Logo because every other text was just regular Arial. I ended up downloading a font called “Coolvetica” that matched the InStyle logo almost perfectly.

The second card was done in Quark and I had a lot of difficulties with it. I really don’t like Quark as a program and think its kind of outdated, though I understand why its important we know how to use it. I really don’t like having to go to the top menu bar for all the options. I also had some difficulty matching my fonts in Quark because it would not download the font “Coolvetica” so I had to settle and use “Helvetica” instead which did not look as good. I also had some issues creating the right shapes I needed to create the card right. In the end I managed to make it closely resemble the original, but it required a lot more work than InDesign.

The front of the card was done in PhotoShop and I had no problems. After this course I feel comfortable using PhotoShop and making this card came easy. All of the fonts worked out in PhotoShop and I was able to have the correct dimensions for everything.

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