When choosing fonts for my brochure I had to take into consideration my audience. The average customer at Sweet is an upper class person living in the Harvard Square, Back Bay area. Therefore I chose fonts that convey a classy feeling that also kept with the theme of Sweet Bakery. For the headings I chose the font Nuptial Script LT std that keeps in theme with the font that Sweet uses on their boxes.  For the content text I used Bodoni Std because it was easy to read but also flowed well with the design of the brochure.

I chose my color scheme based on the color scheme of Sweet Bakery. It could be argued that the brochure may exclude men due to the color scheme but I think it is sweet without being overly feminine.  I placed the bar on the bottom of the page so that the brochure had a seamless feel to it.  I wanted it to read three separate panels but also have continuity. I kept my graphics to a minimum because I wanted the brochure to have a clean simplicity about it.

Some problems that I faced were getting the graphics to come into InDesign correctly. I resized most of my photos before in Photoshop however when they were brought into InDesign some became slightly distorted. When I changed my image to a jpg instead of psd the problem was solved.

I liked InDesign much more than I liked Quark. I prefer the grids that InDesign uses as opposed to Quark because it was much easier to edit the format of my project. Editing was also made more difficult in Quark due to the issue with layers and moving images to the back and front.

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