When choosing how I wanted to set up my Taylor Swift concert poster I decided to base it upon how she views her music. When she wrote her music for her CD Speak Now she said things she wished she had said to people who had come and gone from her life.  When interviewed she said the songs read like a diary of the last two years for her. That’s why I decided to make the background of the poster be a blank page of a notebook.

The first roadblock that I had was finding a way to get a font that matched the font that Taylor Swift uses on her album covers.  I couldn’t find one on the fonts of the computer but after searching the internet I found the font she uses called Satisfaction and downloaded it onto the computer.

The part of the poster that I am most proud of is the heart because I figured out how to draw with the paint brushes in Photoshop in order to make it.  I had to ask a few people I know and look online but eventually managed to figure it out and include it in my finished design.  If I had more time I would figure out a way to add some lyrics to the background. I tried a few times but it never ended up looking the way I wanted it to.

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