Animated Postcard

This is my original collage followed by the animated gif.

When I made my animated collage I had hoped to convey the meaning behind my quote. I wanted the viewer to see the image and the words and realize that all they wanted from life was right in front of them and all they had to do was take a risk.

When choosing the images for my collage I wanted to choose ones that conveyed a risk. I included several of the activities that are normally considered adventurous such as skydiving, cliff jumping and mountain climbing. I also put some images of ones we don’t usually group into the risky category but they involve taking a huge chance such as love and having children.

When I animated the words I wanted the collage to be the first thing they saw. Then I had the collage slowly fade into the background afterwards so the viewer is left with the meaning of the words at the end.

I found the animating and timing to be difficult. It took me awhile to be happy with the timing between my words and how the animated postcard ended. It was also difficult to get the collage to work. At first I just had images pasted on the document and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. I eventually realized I needed a background and picked a field with a dusk sky because it was bright and full of life. Once I put that background in it was much easier for me to figure out how I wanted the images to fit and fade and everything just fell into place.

If I had more time I would play with the animations a little bit more and see what I could do to make them more interesting. Maybe find away to make some words stand out more than others with the animation. However, I am very happy with how the finished product turned out.

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